Environmental Equipment

Environmental Drilling has played a major role in the industry over the last decade. Government regulations have become more regulated and Environmental Drilling companies must provide accurate data. Many Environmental Drilling contractors have relied on Total Drilling Solutions as a resource not only with its drilling product needs but also in sample collecting and custom designed equipment.

Environmental Products

Hallow Stem Augers Well Covers, Plugs, Caps
Well Pack Sand Suction Hoses and Discharge Hoses
Steel Well Casings Slotted PVC Well Screens
Drill Mud and Fluids Drill Collars and Slide Hammers
Diamond Core Bits PVC and Stainless Steal Centralizers
Sonic Core Bags Sample Tubes, Core Boxes and Split Spoons
Hammers and Hammer Bits Slurry Test Kits, Viscosity Funnels and Cups
Hole Openers, Reamers and Subs Drag Bits, RC Tri-Cone Bits and Bladder Bits
Tri-Cone Bits, New and Rerun DTH Hammers and Center Return Hammers
Stainless Steel Well Screens Submersible Pumps, Surge Blocks and Swabs
Augers, Auger Bits and Auger Flight Reconditioning Mud Pumps (Centrifugal Pumps, Triplex Pumps, Duplex Pumps)
Drill Rods, Core Rods, Dual Tube Drill Rods and Tooling