Hammer Equipment

When percussion or hammer drilling the percussion mechanism is called a DTH or down the hole hammer. This drilling tool is located directly above the downhole hammer bit. The driller transfers weight to the bit through the drill pipe as well as provides some rotation. Through the use of a compressor, the pressurized air is forced to the downhole hammer. As the drilled hole gets deeper the driller adds more drill pipe to the string. The piston strikes the impact zone of the hammer bit; hammers are always used as part of a casing advancement system and can be used in reverse circulation applications. DTH hammers are common when drilling blast holes and water wells.

Since the downhole hammer piston impacts the hammer bit directly there is a very efficient transmission of energy. This means that the impact energy does not have to pass through many other components making it possible to drill fairly deep holes.

Total Drilling Solutions can easily provide all of your downhole tools including custom downhole hammers, percussion drilling tools, hammer drilling tools and more. There have been excellent advances in air flow technology which allows today’s hammers to deliver more force to the down hole tools than ever before; this enables the piston to hit harder and more frequently.