Drilling Industries

Total Drilling Solutions Inc. supplies and design builds a variety of tooling and equipment for a vast array of industries including, but limited to the following:


Construction Drilling

Total Drilling Solutions supplies many drilling tools to the construction drilling industry. We provide construction industry drilling tools and construction industry drilling equipment. Construction generally involves drilling foundations and foundational underpinnings to support building bridges and other structures. Foundation Drilling is usually done with the use of steel casing which is grouted or used for setting micro piles.


Environmental Drilling

Environmental drilling's primary function is to determine sub surface contaminants.  Environmental drilling is sometimes done simply to investigate a site, monitor a hole or remediate a well. Total Drilling Solutions can supply most of your environmental drilling rig tools and get you geared up to drill all of your environmental drill holes. Weather your environmental drilling operations involve soil sampling, installing monitoring wells, well development and sampling well abandonment, soil gas sampling or even drilling a cathodic well, Total Drilling Solutions has the tools and expertise to supply your company with all your down hole environmental drilling supplies.


Exploration Drilling

Total Drilling Solutions is committed to providing the best exploration industry tools available, including exploration industry equipment, exploration drilling tools, reverse circulation industry drilling tools and more. The purpose of the exploration industry is to identify potential mineral rich formation for the development of future mining sites. Samples are taken during exploration drilling through various methods including core drilling, reverse circulation and air rotary.

Core drilling or diamond drilling varies from other forms of exploration industry drilling because a solid core is removed at various depths. This core is later analysed to determine if the presence of valuable ores and minerals facilitate mining. Core drilling is done with the aid of rotation flushing and pressure; advancing core pipe while rotating will force a core sample into the inner tube. Commonly, cored holes are electronically logged to give a better indication of mineral density and to get a better evaluation of the geology. Using wire line coring systems in exploration industry makes it easy to remove a core under less then favourable drilling conditions.

Reverse circulation drilling or RC drilling is a popular form of exploration industry. It involves an inner tube and an outer pipe. The outer pipe acts as a drill pipe and air is forced down the drill stem between the outer pipe and the inner tube. Reverse circulation drilling creates differential pressure between the inner tube and the outer pipe. This forces continuous uncontaminated samples up to the surface. Reverse circulation drilling samples are then collected and evaluated.


Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical drilling is associated with constructing buildings and site investigation. In construction, geotechnical drilling is often used to prepare foundations. It is also used to take core samples and is often done with mud or air rotary drilling as well as both hollow stem augers and solid flight augers. Total Drilling Solutions offers a wide range of products from geotechnical drilling tools and geotechnical drilling equipment to custom drilling tools.


Geothermal Drilling

Geothermal drilling involves drilling a hole into the ground in order to extract the latent heat energy stored within. Drilling for geothermal energy involves drilling to various depths in various formations. Geothermal energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy available and it works year round. Even in the middle of winter the earth remains approximately 10° C (50° F) less than 3m deep (10 ft) in most places around the world.

Geothermal drilling involves drilling a conventional drill hole often by rotary drilling. Total Drilling Solutions can supply most of the drilling tools required to drill a geothermal hole. Once the hole is drilled you would install a closed loop or open loop ground source heat pump. This would use the ground as a heat exchanger to warm and cool a building or structure. We offer services for geothermal drilling equipment, geothermal drilling tools, rotary drilling tools and more.



Mining drilling is primarily done by drilling blast holes into which explosives are lowered and detonated. The drilling is done by either percussion drilling or rotary drilling. Before a mine is excavated there must be proven mineral samples in the underlying geology. These minerals, ore and petroleum are detected first with various methods of exploration drilling. Once detected mining drilling becomes a very effective way to collect large volumes of the raw ore deposits and minerals. There are many valuable resources that you would use mining drilling to obtain.

TDS supplies a comprehensive line of downhole mining drilling tools. Everything from mining drilling equipment, mining drilling tools, and mining industry drilling tools. Our mining drilling tools will ensure a high rate of penetration and straighter holes at excellent value.


Oil & Gas Drilling

Total Drilling Solutions has been providing many oil & gas drilling tools, oil & gas drilling equipment, oil drilling tools and completion tools for some of the largest players in the game.

At Total Drilling Solutions we can work with your professionals to develop a competent plan for manufacturing your products with extremely strict quality standards. In addition to providing design and the use of machining facilities, we are heavily involved with many companies drilling in various oil sands projects.


Seismic Drilling

Seismic drilling is very similar to mining drilling in that commonly, a blast hole or shot hole is drilled and explosives are lowered into it. But the purpose of seismic drilling is actually a form of exploration drilling. The blast can give single or continuous pulses of sound energy which travel through various geological layers producing lithography of the underground formations. In addition to blasting there are seismic profiling techniques that use the noise generated by the drill bit to obtain ground readings. This form of exploration drilling is commonly done to identify petroleum sites or other mineral deposits. Total Drillings Solutions supplies many of the drilling tools required for seismic drilling. We offer seismic drilling equipment, seismic drilling tools and everything for custom drilling tools.


Water Well Drilling

Clean water is a necessity all people need. Water well drilling is a means by which to get water to areas that don’t have fresh running water. Total Drilling Solutions can provide all the drilling tools to be used to drill water wells all over the world.

Water wells are primarily drilled by setting surface casing and drilled using conventional rotary or percussion drilling equipment. Once the surface casing is set the driller advances the drill sting into a stable ground formation until a geological formation containing or conducting ground water is located. Cased holes are then drilled into the water table and a pump is installed to excavate fresh water from the ground.

Total Drillings Solutions has the products and solutions to help any driller drill an effective water well. Providing water well drilling equipment, water well drilling tools and custom drilling tools.