PDC Drill Bits

PDC stands for Polycrystalline Diamond Compact, which refers to the cutters on these drill bits. PDC bits have exceptional rates of penetration when drilling and can out preform other bits in the right conditions. The diamond cutters are 10 times stronger than steel but they are Brittle and can get damaged in discontinuous formations. PDC bits love to drill through shale’s, salty clay stone, concrete and sands. Avoid gravel and sand stone.

PDC Bits are an excellent choice for expensive or very deep wells and particularly excel when drilling in soft to medium hard formations.
PDC bits can be constructed from steel bodies or matrix bodies. You will get a deeper hole out of a Matrix Body but they cannot be repaired or re-tipped they may crack if the driller dynamically impacts the bit. A steel body PDC bit is much tougher than a matrix body and will not crack. It will not drill quite as deep but it can be repaired and retipped.

When drilling with PDC bits it is important to know and follow instructions for the recommended weight on the drill bit and to control the rotational speed.

Total Drilling Solutions can supply PDC bits in sizes from 3.5” (88.9mm) to 12-1/4” (311.2 mm). Our PDC bits have 3 to 6 wings, Jet Nozzles and gauge protection.

Total Drilling Solutions can also provide PDC bits for RC drilling (reverse circulation drilling) applications.