Coring Equipment

Whether you are collecting a core sample for an oil sands project, an environmental drilling application or for geotechnical drilling, Total Drilling Solutions has the core drilling supplies to maximize your drilling efficiency. We can provide any coring system or core drilling tool you may require including conventional, wire-line, diamond and custom drilling tools.

When core drilling, the objective is to obtain a core sample which can then be analysed at a later time. To do this you need a core drilling tool system that can retrieve the sample and allow you to continue drilling. To collect a core sample from any ground formation you need a competent line of coring equipment.

The Quad Latch coring system consists of many components which can be categorized into a few main assemblies including the Quad Latch Head, Inner Tube Assembly, Over Shot and Bearing Assembly. Total Drillings Solutions supplies these parts as a complete core drilling tool system, by assembly or by individual parts. The Quad latch wireline coring system is suited for 4-5/8 CP Pipe and threads. The core sample typically retrieved by this system is 2.75".

Exploration drilling is used in the mining industry to probe the contents of known deposits and identify potential sites. To collect a core sample the core drilling system must contain a core barrel. There are three types of core barrels; single tube, double tube and triple tube. Wire line core equipment also comes in pipe sizes which include N with a drilled hole size of 75.7mm, H with a drilled hole size of 96mm, P with a drilled hole size of 122.6mm, B with a drilled hole size of 60mm, and A with a drilled hole size of 48mm. Our standard core barrels come in 10 foot sections. With our coring tools, a continuous core can be removed without the worry of having the sample eroded by flushing.                                                                   

Core samples are collected through a core tube. As you drill the core it slides into the core barrel. The Overshot attached to the end of the wire line is lowered inside the outer tube and locks on to the Latch Head Assembly, located on the top end of the core barrel. The winch is retracted which pulls the inner tube to the surface. The basket catcher prevents the core from coming out of the core barrel during retraction.