Drill Pipe

Whether you are drilling a simple, shallow well or an extremely deep hole in unfavourable formations, Total Drilling Solutions has the drill pipe and accessories to get the job done.

Drill pipe sizes from 1-3/4” to 14” in outside diameter and typical joints in lengths of range 2 and range 3 are available. Total Drilling Solutions can customize drill pipe from 5ft sections to up to 46ft in length and offers a full set of accessories to match any size drill pipe or drill string. The drill pipe is manufactured to high quality and durability to withstand even the most rigorous drilling applications. Total Drilling Solutions is also capable of supplying directional pipe, as well as drill pipe with upset tool joints and inertia welded drill pipe. Hard banding can be applied to any of the drill pipe.

Total Drilling Solutions can supply numerous styles of drill pipe with all kinds of different threads. The typical machining process for more common drill pipe involves cutting the threaded tool joints out of extremely durable and wear resistant 4140 – 4145, then machining a tang to the drill pipe. The pipe is heated to 400°, the manufacturer will then press fit the tool joints inside and welds them with alloy and finally, slowly cools the drill pipe. Total Drilling Solutions has the ability to have manufactured drill pipe made out of many other materials including A106 B, J55, 4140 L80, 4140 P110 as well as 300 series stainless steel.